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Fall 2024 — Intensive workshops

We spent the summer engaging Brandon residents through surveys and focus groups to better understand how people in Brandon use and want to use places like parks and pathways. Now we’re taking what we heard from Brandon residents to a five-day workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark, to develop innovative solutions for making Brandon a more livable city for all with global experts.

Although Copenhagen is different from Brandon in many ways, they face some of the same challenges as we do. However, with their different history and social context, they’ve come up with unique solutions, and there is lots to learn. The basic playbook for livable cities is already written: Put people first and give them choices.

When we return, we’ll reconvene the focus groups to explore different Copenhagen-inspired solutions that might fit in Brandon, and how to adapt or translate those possibilities to the Canadian prairie context.

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Dr. Rachel Herron

Lead researcher, Brandon University

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Jeff Fawcett

Mayor, City of Brandon

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Dr. Amy Frykoda

Medical Officer of Health, Prairie Mountain Health

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Grant Hamilton

Director of Marketing and Communications, Brandon University

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Ryan Nickel

Director of Planning and Buildings Department, City of Brandon

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Jared Friesen

Research Assistant, Brandon University

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Madalyn Pryke

Research Assistant, Brandon University

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Our partners

Our team cannot do this alone. We know that different groups experience spaces in very different ways, and we want to ensure we are proposing solutions that meet the entire community’s needs and promote the health of those facing health disadvantages.