Partnering with local experts

Our team cannot do this alone. We know that different groups experience spaces in very different ways, and we want to ensure we are proposing solutions that meet the entire community’s needs and promote the health of those facing health disadvantages.

We are assembling a Knowledge User Advisory Council to help guide our consultations. This council will ensure that we connect with and consider as many different perspectives as possible, including people of all ages and abilities, gender and sexual identities, and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our members so far include:

  • Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation
  • Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council
  • Manitoba Harm Reduction Services
  • Seniors for seniors
  • Sexual Education Resource Centre
  • Westman Immigration Services

We are actively seeking more members to represent the diverse socio-economic, cultural, and demographic groups that make up our community. We are currently seeking youth-serving partners and we have been in conversation with Brandon Bike Patrol.