Caring for your information

Can we use your social media comments as part of our research?

We invite you to take part in the ‘Walking the Walk in Smaller Cities’ research project.

Purpose: We want to know how you use public space in Brandon. This includes space that is open to the public such as parks, plazas and pathways, or streets and sidewalks. It does not include privately-owned space like stores, malls, or parking lots. We also want to know how you use active transportation to move through Brandon. Active transportation means getting around using your own power (e.g., walking, biking, and wheelchair use). We will use your feedback to suggest improvements.

Participation: If you participate, you are agreeing to let us to save your social media posts in response to the walk the walk social listening campaign. Over a six week period, we will be asking the public questions like: how do you use public space in Brandon; how do you want to use public space (including active transportation); and what public spaces outside of Brandon inspire you?

Confidentiality: Any information that could let people know who you are, like your name, will not be collected. We will only save what you send us or what you post publicly.  We will use your comments to identify general trends and themes. We will not use your name or quote you directly in reports.

Communication of Results: We will summarize everyone’s feedback in reports and presentations for academics, the city, and public health. This will help us improve movement and use of public space. We will post our findings online at for you and everyone to review. We hope there will be a lot of interest and that it will also be covered in the media.

Potential Risks and Benefits: Any risks of participating in this research are the same as ordinary social media use. When you post on social media, for example, other people may make comments that you don’t like or are even emotionally harmful. If you make comments that are malicious or outside the scope of the research, we might delete them. We hope that the information we learn from your posts will help us improve the city of Brandon.   

You will not be paid for your social media posts. We are not using this information to make money. We are only using this information to improve our city. 

Withdrawal from the Study: You don’t have to take part in this research. You don’t have to respond to every question we post. You can stop anytime.If you don’t want to take part in the project anymore, you can contact before September 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Rachel Herron, Brandon University, ( or 204-727-9771).  

This study has been reviewed and approved by the Brandon University Research Ethics Committee. For questions about your rights and how this research was done, contact the Brandon University Research Office, (204-727-9712).   

When you share your comments as part of the project page, you indicate that you have understood and agree to participate in the research. This does not waive your legal rights nor release the researchers, sponsors, or involved institutions from the legal and professional responsibilities. You still have the right to seek help or take legal action if you experience harm from participating in the research. Your continued participation should be as informed as your initial consent. Feel free to ask questions.

Main Contact: Dr. Rachel Herron, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair,  Department of Geographyand Environment, Brandon University. Her email and phone contact is ( or 204-727-9771)   

Other Research Team Members:  Jeff Fawcett, Mayor, City of Brandon; Dr. Amy Frykoda, Medical Officer of Health, Manitoba Health; Grant Hamilton, Director, Marketing Communications, Brandon University; Ryan Nickel, Director of Planning & Buildings, City of Brandon

Funding: The project is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canada Research Chairs Program.  

Thank you! Your voice is important and we appreciate you sharing it so that we can hear from as many voices as possible as we develop ways to improve our city.